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Make Your Next Camping Trip Less Rugged with Solar Energy

From relaxing at your favorite spot at a campground to roughing it backpacking in the mountains, having a fun camping trip is everyone’s goal. Nomatter your camping style, you should have a clean campsite, packed emergency supplies, and a way to capture the memories you’re making. 


Solar power makes all of these happen with clear lighting and clean energy. Solar powered lights, power systems, and other solutions are sustainable tools for any camping trip. Here are a few reasons you should choose solar power camping accessories for your next outdoor adventure. 



Solar Charger for Mobile Devices


Roughing it doesn’t necessarily mean going tech-free anymore. High-performance, hand-held GPS systems are great for staying on the path and getting to your destination without getting lost. If you take one on a multi-day trek, keeping it charged long enough to get to your destination could be stressful without a solar charger that lasts for over 100 hours.


Having a working cell phone in areas where cell phone coverage is available is important for safety reasons. Since most cell phones won’t last longer than 24-hours on a single charge, use a solar charger to ensure your device can keep up with taking tons of photos, playing games with family, or calls in case of an emergency. Make sure that it’s super durable and shockproof for those accidental drops or trips.


Solar Lanterns


Instead of relying on traditional flashlights, choose solar powered lanterns for clean and clear LED lighting that illuminates a whole campsite. Solar lanterns today have flexible designs that make them easy to transport with super tough builds. Some even have integrated solar panels that charge on the cloudiest days, perfect for camping rain or shine.


Solar lighting provides a clean solution to burning wood or kerosene. The most sustainable and maintenance-free lighting option, lanterns brightly illuminate tents, cars, and campsites with long-lasting light.


Lighting Systems for Off-Grid Structures & Facilities


If you own a free-standing structure off-the-grid that’s your personal retreat, tool shop, hunting shed, or greenhouse, trying to set up a lighting system that relies on gasoline or diesel can be a hassle. Indoor solar lights provide long-lasting illumination with rechargeable, high-efficiency batteries. This cost-saving measure lasts for years without worrying about maintenance or dangerous energy sources, making it safe for you and the environment. 


Check to make sure the solar panel is designed to charge in cloudy weather or partially shaded areas. Quality solar products meet Lighting Global standards and are protected by warranties. Look for versatile systems that also charge mobile devices with USB outputs. 


About d.light


d.light develops solar-powered lanterns and other solar products for cleaner camping experiences and supplying power to those off-grid who lack access to reliable energy. This for-profit, social impact enterprise’s solutions have helped more than 75 million people in over 60 countries worldwide. 


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