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Why Choose Solar Power for Safer Camping Trips?

Whether you’re a backpacking fanatic or “once a year” kind of camper, you know that keeping safety gear on hand is necessary for a good trip. Cell phones dying, cars not starting, and campfires in dry weather are all mishaps and hazards that campers often need to be aware of every summer. Solar power provides essential power that is otherwise unreachable on an off-grid trip. Even if you’re preparing for a natural disaster or a fun overnight camping trip, solar power can be the necessity that keeps you safe and ready for anything.



Camping in dry conditions can be hazardous for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of campfires. While campfires indulge the traditional “camping experience,” they are often dangerous in dry and hot weather. If you have small children, it can also be worrisome to watch them and keep the fire going at the same time. Solar powered lanterns remove the environmental risk and the safety threat that campfires have. 


While they don’t provide a source of heat, you likely would not need that in a dry and warm camp setting. Simply let them charge during the day while you’re relaxing or exploring, then experience clean and high-efficiency light during the nighttime. Look for solar powered lights that are toughly built to survive the trip and are weather-resistant to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at you. LED lights have better light quality than kerosene lamps or campfires, and are better for the environment, too. Get better light than a single flashlight by using a solar powered lantern instead. 


Some solar powered lanterns can even charge mobile devices while lighting large spaces. Choose a durable panel with USB-ports that can fully charge your phone in case of emergencies. The last thing you want is to need help for an emergency but have no way of calling or communicating. 


Have something bigger in mind for an off-grid cabin or free-standing structure? Solar powered lights are easy to setup and require little installation effort. Instead of hooking up to a power grid, install your own onsite. Light up your cabin using indoor solar lights that charge consistently, even through cloudy weather, during the day. You'll never need to worry about using outdated wiring or finicky kerosene lamps again. 


Be prepared before going on your next camping trip and bring along solar powered lights for a safer experience.  For the best solar powered lights on the market, d.light designs camping-approved lanterns and lighting systems that goes wherever you do. Made tough and ultra-portable, their solar lanterns are perfect for camping, hiking, or anytime you want to unplug and go off the grid. Light your next adventure using solar power. The environment will thank you, too.


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d.light develops solar-powered lanterns and other solar products for cleaner camping experiences and those off-grid who lack access to reliable energy. This for-profit, social impact enterprise’s solutions have helped more than 75 million people in over 60 countries worldwide. 




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