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How Solar Powered Lights Can Help People in Developing Countries

Solar powered lights might seem like a quaint novelty to people in the First World. To people in developing countries, however, having a solar lantern can change their lives for the better.

There is a certain poetic appropriateness in the terms “First World” and “Third World.” The people who live in countries that fall into these categories almost seem to live in completely separate worlds.


In the first world, quite a few people have well over the minimum necessities and comforts. In the third world, fartoo many do not. In fact, people living off-grid in Africa, Asia and elsewhere may not even have reliable access to basic amenities like electricity and indoor lights.

As members of the global community, it should be everyone’s responsibility to help their fellow men and women. It should not matter whether they live in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Europe or anywhere else—people deserve access to things that can make them healthy and productive.

Solar lanterns and solar powered lights can profoundly change the lives of people in the developing world. Products such as these provide families with clean, affordable, reliable power. They can then use that power to study and work for longer. In turn, children and adults can further their educations, earn more money and do more in general to lead fuller and happier lives.

Here are four ways in which indoor solar lights can positively impact people in off-grid communities:

Increased Productivity

In many rural areas, numerous small businesses close around 6pm or 7pm (i.e. just after twilight). The reason for this is very simple: They do not have available lights to see. If people cannot see what they are doing and who they are dealing with, running a business is all but impossible.

Indoor solar lights have enabled businesses to serve customers for longer. Stores and kiosks have been able to stay for an additional two or three hours.

Financial Freedom

By enabling off-grid users to work and run their businesses for longer, solar powered lights can earn more profits. Small business owners have been able to increase their productivity and daily revenues by 25% or more.

Improved Human Healths

Many times, off-grid businesses and households that want to do things at night rely on kerosene lamps, which emit harmful fumes. By using solar lanterns, people no longer need to worry about these fumes or the risk of something catching fire.

Improved Environmental Impact

Indoor solar lights also benefit the planet as a whole. Solar lanterns have helped reduce worldwide emissions of carbon dioxide by millions of tons.

d.light specializes in providing solar powered lanterns and other solar energy solutions to people in off-grid communities. The company uses a data-driven approach to create products that improve the well-being and productivity of their users.

About d.light

d.light is a for-profit, global social impact enterprise focused on providing solar powered lights and other products to people who lack access to reliable energy. The company’s solutions have helped more than 75 million people in over 60 countries.

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